Orgasm Enhancer (Kama Gold)

Orgasm Enhancer (Kama Gold) Order Orgasm Enhancer (Kama Gold)


Orgasm Enhancer (Kama Gold) is used to help maximize pleasure and achieve longer and more intense orgasms.

Orgasm Enhancer helps to achieve:

An increased number of ejaculatory contractions for much longer lasting orgasms
Stronger, deeper contractions that are much fuller from start to finish allowing for significantly more intense orgasms
An increase in ejaculate volume for longer, stronger "release sensation"
Faster ejaculate recovery times for much better second orgasms


Follow the directions for using this medicine provided by your doctor or pharmacist.

It is generally recommended to take two pills per day, with food, for best results, and drink at least 64 oz. of water each day. Do not exceed 4 caps in 24 hour period.

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